Kyle Arterburn
HR/Safety Director — Brazos Forest Products, Grand Prairie, TX

"The Personal Assistant feature in Prospera® is such a wonderful resource! It takes a huge load off of me to be able to ask any question that I am dealing with, without the concern of questioning the credibility of the source. In today's world, there is almost too much information available and you do not know which information is truly reliable."

Molly Glendenning
HR Specialist — Davis Health System, Elkins, West Virginia

"Prospera is a great bargain for the amount of materials and tracking available within the service. I particularly love the FMLA tool!"

Annie Horey
HR Director — Cashmere Valley Bank, Cashmere, Washington

"I have received excellent information from the webcasts as well as all of the other resources that I have access to. I recommended Prospera to a friend who was just setting up an HR department and her company purchased the program. It does not matter if you are new to HR or experienced — Prospera brings value to every HR professional."

Letty LeCompte
Corporate HR Manager — Presidian, San Antonio, Texas

"I have used, and continue to use on a weekly basis, Prospera and it has been very helpful in my day-to-day workload. It is reassuring to know that in todays ever changing work environment that we have such a resource to utilize to help us feel confident with our decisions. We are very pleased with the resources provided to us through Prospera."