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  Position Title Req # City/State Date Posted
Assembler I - 2nd Shift  ASSM-2-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Assembler I - 3rd Shift  ASSM-3-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Assembly I - 1st Shift  ASSM-1-WF West Fargo, ND 5/1/2015
Assembly I - 2nd Shift  ASSM-2-WF West Fargo, ND 5/12/2015
Assistant Supervisor - 2nd Shift  ASSTSUP-2-WF West Fargo, ND 4/10/2015
CDL-A Driver  CDL-1-WF West Fargo, ND 5/11/2015
Machine Operator - 2nd Shift  MO-2-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Machine Operator I - 2nd Shift  MOI-2-WF West Fargo, ND 4/21/2015
Machine Operator I- 1st Shift  MOI-1-MIT Mitchell, SD 5/21/2015
Maintenance Mechanic I - 1st shift - PT  MMI-1-WF-PT West Fargo, ND 5/19/2015
Maintenance Mechanic I - Weekend Shift  MMI-W-WF West Fargo, ND 3/11/2015
Material Handler I - 1st Shift  MH-1-WF West Fargo, ND 5/4/2015
Painter I - 1st Shift  PI-1-WF West Fargo, ND 5/1/2015
Painter I - 2nd Shift  PI-2-WF West Fargo, ND 5/5/2015
Painter I - 2nd Shift  PI-2-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Painter I - 3rd Shift  PNT-3-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
PT Machine Operator - 2nd Shift  MOI-2-MIT-PT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
PT Painter - 2nd Shift  PI-2-MIT-PT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
PT Stall Welder - 2nd Shift  SWI-2-MIT-PT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Sandblast - 2nd shift  SB-2-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Sandblast - 3rd Shift  SB-3-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Small Parts Welder - 1st Shift  SPW-1-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Small Parts Welder - 2nd Shift  SPW-2-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Stall Assembly - 2nd Shift  SASSM-2-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Stall Welder I - 1st Shift  STW-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Stall Welder I - 2nd Shift  SWI-2-MIT Mitchell, SD 4/24/2015
Supervisor - 2nd Shift  SUP-2-WF West Fargo, ND 4/10/2015
Welder I - 1st Shift  WI-1-WF West Fargo, ND 4/21/2015
Welder I - 2nd Shift  WI-2-WF West Fargo, ND 4/21/2015
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